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1) Latex mattress has a large number of communicating holes provide excellent ventilation. At 1 cm ³ more than 200 thousand vozduhoprovodyaschih capillaries, which provide excellent aeration, protecting them from overheating and the accumulation of moisture. So when a man lies on a latex mattress, human skin breathe and people hardly sweats.

2) On a mattress made of latex, you will not freeze in winter and sweat in the summer.

3) Because of its porous structure of the mattress latex at 80% less dust accumulates than conventional mattresses on the feather and cotton basis. Therefore, latex mattresses do not develop bacterial flora, not start fleshy lice and house dust mites, which sharply reduces allergy the body, reduces the percentage of allergic respiratory diseases.
Therefore, latex mattresses are very good in terms of hygiene. They are recommended for people suffering from allergies, or having a predisposition to them.

4) Excellent quality elastic that persist for many decades. With natural flexibility and a dense porous structure, latex mattresses do not sag and do not form a seal, which are formed under the weight of the body.

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5) Latex mattress has 7 zones, which are designed to load

No squeaks, and does not form a wave that is turning, you do not provide any inconvenience the man sleeping beside her.

6) Unique orthopedic effect during sleep your body weight is distributed evenly repeating the physiological curves of the body, ie discharged more loaded parts of the body and vice versa, while not disturbed microcirculation of blood. Due to this, during sleep the body can completely relax and let go of all clamps and muscle fatigue accumulated during the day. Release muscle tension, spine makes the correct physiological position.

We have a factory equipped with mattresses thickness 2,5, 5, 7,5, 10, and 15 cm
We make mattresses of both standard and custom sizes, at the request of the buyer, we can produce mattresses of any size to order.

* Prices do not include the cost of delivery