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About Latex

Latex -a latex evergreen tree Hevea, the common people call it rubber tree. This tree has the roots of Brazilian origin and the first products made of natural latex come to the European market from Brazil. Total in nature, there are about 800 species of rubber trees and 130 of them native to Thailand. But only 30 of them give the juice is suitable for the production of our products.

In the production of latex sap, 90% occur in the 3 countries in Southeast Asia – this is Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Since in these regions, the most favorable climate for the growth of these trees.
But Thailand has the highest production, processing and export of world of latex, as the share of Thailand accounted for 60% of the world of plantations of these trees.
Before the sap of the tree will begin to collect, it must reach the age of 8 to 12 years. To build the sap in the tree is an oblique incision, and substituted a cup. It drains the juice. Last night one tree yields 100 to 300 grams of juice. The juice collected mainly during the night, as the day is hot and under direct sunlight juice thickens rapidly turning into a white rubber and becomes unsuitable for the production of latex products.

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Information on the Property of latex and products from it

Due to their quality latex is used in high-organic chemistry (nipples for infants sponzhiki of a powder-, etc.), the space industry, medicine (gloves, artificial limbs, condoms, etc.) and household industries (bedding manufacturing exclusive furniture).


Why do we recommend you pay attention to the bedding made of latex?

1)   Because it is – a unique natural material.


2)   Latex products have unique properties. Due to the special forms used in the manufacture of pillows and mattresses, there are a large number of communicating holes, providing excellent ventilation. At 1 cm ³ of this product is more than 200 thousand vozduhoprovodyaschih capillaries, which provide excellent aeration of the data products, protecting them from overheating and the accumulation of moisture. So when a person lies on a pillow or mattress made of latex, leather breathe and people hardly sweats.


3)    On the bed of latex, you will not freeze in winter and sweat in the summer.


4)   Due to its porous structure of products from the latex to 80% less dust accumulates than conventional pillows and mattresses on the feather and cotton basis.

5)   In the production of latex do not live most of the pathogens. Due to the good aeration in pillows and mattresses made of latex, do not develop bacterial flora, not start of flesh lice and mites, which sharply reduces the allergy the body, reduces the percentage of allergic respiratory diseases.

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6) Has protivoallergennymi properties. Recommended for people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems, or having a predisposition to them, as well as young children.


7)   Fine quality elastic that persist for many 10-Five decades. With natural flexibility and a dense porous structure, pillows and mattresses made of latex does not sag and does not form a seal under the weight of the body.


8)    Latex mattress has 7 zones, which are designed to load.

9)   Unique orthopedic effect during sleep your body weight is distributed evenly repeating the physiological curves of the body, ie discharged more loaded parts of the body and vice versa. Due to this, during sleep the body can completely relax and let go of all clamps and muscle fatigue accumulated during the day. enced muscle tension, spine makes the correct physiological position.

10)   Full-pressure distribution of the human body, does not violate the microcirculation of the blood.

11)   Do not squeak and do not form a wave, ie turning, you do not provide any inconvenience the man sleeping beside her.
12)   With a special embossed surface and anatomic form, certain kinds of latex products not only perform orthopedic support to the cervical and thoracic spine, but produce a passive massage these departments musculoskeletal system during sleep.
13)   Mattresses and pillows made of latex carefully take care of your every movement during sleep!

14)   Latex has excellent durability, which is a reliable guarantee of long life of your pillows and mattresses, and therefore your sweet dream!